Kamisafe KM-7633T 60 LED rechargeable emergency lantern

  Product Characteristics 1.Product built-in rechargeable and maintenance-free lead-acid battery with rated capacity of up to 2000 mAH ; Long service life, can be recycled more than 500 times above;...

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Product Characteristics

1.Product built-in rechargeable and maintenance-free lead-acid battery with rated capacity of up to 2000 mAH ; Long service life, can be recycled more than 500 times above;

2.Use environmental protection import SMD, super brightness and white, it can work more than 100,000 hours; Low power consumption, the illumination of 60 LED can last for up to 2 hours when turning on the highest illumination brightness and it only consumes 6W; 

3.Equipped with a solar panels interface and DC charger input interface. It also built-in polarity protection; 

4.Equipped with an energy-saving and environmental-protecting solar panel with high conversion efficiency; 

5.You can adjust the LED brightness freely through the rotary switch according to the environmental requirements; 

6.Product equipped with a handle and hook, convenient and flexible;

7.With emergency function, it is the best choice of emergency backup lighting for all kinds of outdoor leisure, field work, houses and shopping malls as well as other places.


Product Instruction

1.When charging, first push all the switches into gear “OFF”, then insert the AC power line into the charging seat, and plug the other end directly into the AC110-240V/50-60Hz power socket, the corresponding charge indicator light, it takes about 10 hours for a full charge; 

2.When using solar panel to charge, first make sure the rotate switch is in “OFF” and the product switch to “ON”. Then turning the solar panel to the sunshine, the indicator will bright when charging and it has no emergency function in this condition; Push the switch to “OFF”, stop charging; 

3.When charging with adapter, the voltage is 6.0V and the current is 0.2A. It also needs 10 hours for a full charge; 

4.During charging, no matter which gears the switches on, all LED lights are off, it is charging only. But this product has an emergency function, when suffers a sudden power outage, the LED lights will automatically illuminate;

5.When using LED lighting, rotate the rotary switch to the “ON” gear, LED weak light works. Rotate clockwise, the brightness will gradually increase to strong light; rotate counterclockwise, brightness weakens to weak light; When the rotary switch is on the “OFF” position, illuminating stops;



1.For the service life of battery, please stop using when the ray of the light is becoming pretty dim and charge it promptly ;

2.Do not shine eyes directly when using so as not to affect eyesight (Child should be guided under adults);

3.The charging indicator will light if the product was put in a lighting environment; 

4.Please note that the product has no emergency function when charged by solar panel; 

5.This product cannot be charged by AC and DC at the same time. 

6.The longest charging time cannot surpass 24 hours (No exception for the emergency function )

7.Please charge it every two months when it is not used for a long time

8.Please follow the instruction requirements strictly, do not disassemble randomly. 

The company does not assume any responsibility on negative consequences stemming from illegal operations.



Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: Kamisafe

Model Number: KM-7633T

Battery capacity: 2000mAh

Rated Power: 6W

Charging time: AC10h/DC10h  solar 14h

AC input: AC110-240V/50-60Hz / I=0.12A

Solar energy input: DC6V/I=0.12A

LED quantity:60pcs LED

Recharge modes: solar panel/power cord plug

Product Size: 119*107*228mm

Cartoon: 3*4=12pcs/ctn

Cartoon Measure: 53.4*36.*54.5cm

Cartoon CBM: 0.105 CBM/CTN

Cartoon Weight: 9.3KG

Application environment

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