Why you should buy from Oman’s Online Shopping sites?

The world of internet has changed the way we shop. With the fast growth of e-commerce, everything you need to buy is just a click away. We have more than hundreds of online shopping sites in Oman that are here to serve us. We have seen a revolution in e-commerce industry in the past decade. Many companies which started as an embryonic stage during this period has reached their pinnacle.

If we look at  “Why you should buy from Oman’s Online Shopping sites?”, here comes the benefits that comes to my mind.

 Convenient shopping experience

  Low-cost deals and better prices are always obtainable.

  Tranquil price comparisons

  Handiness of more varieties.

  Easy replacement or refund choices.

  Finally the bag-free shopping.

just to name a few.

Some of the website that I have experience with are 

Souq.com (https://uae.souq.com/ae-en/)

Awok.com (https://global.awok.com/)

SharafDG (https://oman.sharafdg.com/

Roumaan (https://www.roumaan.com/)

OurShopee (https://www.oman.ourshopee.com/

Marheba (https://marheba.com/)

Jazp.com (https://oman.jazp.com/ )  

Some points to note before placing an order is that shipping charges and delivery time will be relatively less in local Oman shopping sites compared to Awok and Souq. Few sites such as ours (Marheba.com) offers  free delivery within only 4 days.

Most popular items sold in shopping sites are Clothing, Watches, Footwears, Mobiles and other Electronic gadgets. One of the categories consumers can advantage is Mobiles. As it is getting competitive in e-Commerce Mobile Phone price in Oman is getting lower in online stores. So next time you think about getting a brand new phone don't forget to checkout us at (https://marheba.com/collections/mobiles) .

By now I hope you have a small idea of what you are missing if you haven't bought anything from e-Commerce store. I will link an article of Forbes on e-Commerce do check that out :(https://www.forbes.com/sites/franklavin/2019/02/21/where-is-global-ecommerce-going-five-takeaways-from-gelf/#3fd0e0456dee) . Let's be a part of the revolution.